Flex-Tek Gruppe
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Flexible Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom engineering, quality manufacturing, and outstanding customer service in the field of hose and hose assemblies. Flexible Technologies provides a wide variety of products and solutions into the industrial, medical, and home appliance industries, as well as sub-categories from automotive, to agriculture, to industrial MRO and manufacturing.  We do business both with OEM manufacturers and through distribution channels. We offer a wide array of value-add from custom colors, sizes, end-fittings, signal-carrying components and other custom engineered options. Flexible Technologies is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organization, and our products are tested to ASTM, UL, and customer specific standards in our on-site laboratory. Visit Site

Hi-Tech Duravent specializes in flexible hose and ducting for air, dust, fume movement, and light material handling applications in the industrial market. Using the latest in raw materials, a problem solving approach to customer needs, and a commitment to high quality customer service, we strive to be the first choice for you and your customers. Our Core Product stocking program ensures that our most popular products are only 24 hours away, and our team is happy to work with you and your customers to provide tailored solutions fit the problem at hand. Let our flexible approach to customer care and commitment to quality make Hi-Tech Duravent your first and only choice in flexible hose and ducting. Visit Site

Hi-Tech Medical is the leading producer of smooth-interior, helix reinforced hose and tubing for a variety of medical applications including CPAP, laser smoke evacuation, respiratory care, and therapeutic equipment. We maintain a strong commitment to collaborating with your product development team and coming up with a solution that fits your needs. In addition to a product development team focused on your needs, we offer custom constructions, cuff styles, colors, and materials. We use all the latest in raw materials (all of which are 100% virgin), engineering techniques, equipment, software, rapid prototyping, and offer our products in bulk or individual bags to provide you with top-quality components to fit the needs of you and your customer. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Malaysia, Hi-Tech Medical has a global reach that can provide local sourcing wherever you are. Visit Site

Flexible Ducting Malaysia manufactures high-quality hose products for the medical and home appliance industries. Flexible Ducting Malaysia has many years of experience in providing high quality products for top manufacturers in the medical and home appliance industries both in the Asia-Pacific region and abroad. We take great pride in combining excellent customer service and quality manufactured products, and carry ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certifications. Visit Site